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Norwegian Transparency Act Statement of Graphisoft Scandinavia AS

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The Norwegian Transparency Act shall promote enterprises’ respect for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions in connection with the production of goods and the provision of services and ensure the public access to information regarding how enterprises address adverse impacts on fundamental human rights and decent working conditions.

This statement intends to provide transparency for stakeholders regarding Nemetschek Group’s value chain and respective business partners.

This statement is made in respect of the business and the supply chains of Graphisoft Scandinavia AS (Norwegian Org NO 976 931 335).

Our Organization

The Nemetschek Group is organized as a strategic holding company (Nemetschek SE) with operating subsidiaries. The Nemetschek Group is a leading global software provider for the AEC/O (Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operation) and Media Industry and employs today more than 3,000 experts all over the world. The company develops software solutions that enable a sustainable and efficient process for complex building and infrastructure projects. Founded in 1963 by Prof. Georg Nemetschek, the portfolio covers both, products for the entire workflow in the buildings & infrastructure market and products for the media & entertainment market.

The Nemetschek Group is taking responsibility for employees, society, and the environment and pursues a preventative compliance approach and has a corporate culture in place in which all employees are made aware of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and receive appropriate training.

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Graphisoft Scandinavia AS is a subsidiary of Graphisoft SE which is a subsidiary of Nemetschek SE which is an international company listed on the German Stock Exchange in Germany.

Graphisoft Scandinavia AS has an office in Klepp Municipality and supplies self-developed CAD software to the construction industry. The majority of customers are smaller electrical companies either through direct sales from Norway or through the company's wholly owned subsidiary Graphisoft Building Systems GmbH in Germany, which is responsible for all sales outside Norway.

The majority of employees in Graphisoft Scandinavia AS are developers, the rest are sales and customer support as well as administration. The managing director reports to the board of directors, which consists of 3 people. The company's highest body is the general shareholders assembly.

Code of Conduct (CoC) – Basis of our Business

Compliance, fair business practices and the prevention of discrimination are of utmost relevance for us. Actual or suspected violations of applicable laws, internal regulations or ethical standards could have negative financial consequences. They could also have a negative impact on the reputation of the Nemetschek Group and Graphisoft Scandinavia AS.

In order to promote trusting and long-term business relationships, we focus on the transparent and lawful processing of all transactions. In addition, employees are expected to treat each other and third parties fairly and respectfully.

To this end, the Nemetschek Group has summarized the most important principles and regulations in a binding, group-wide “Code of Conduct (CoC)” and made it, inter alia, available on the Nemetschek Group’s website in German and English.

The “Code of Conduct (CoC)” is the key document addressing individual responsibility within the Nemetschek Group. It is binding for Graphisoft Scandinavia AS and for all employees – regardless of their position – and this has been announced throughout the company in order to reach clear guidance and more sustainable transparency

Visit the website to learn more about the CoC:

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – Our Approach

To implement important Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, the Nemetschek Group has installed group-wide CSR experts who identify relevant topics and coordinate the implementation of appropriate measures. This approach is aimed to make sustainability an integral part of all business practices of the Nemetschek Group and Graphisoft Scandinavia AS.

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Our actions to ensure that Human Rights & Social & Environmental issues are respected and implemented

The Nemetschek Group and Graphisoft Scandinavia AS recognize that modern slavery & human trafficking and disregard of human rights are still global problems in our society. Our aim must therefore be to address these problems in a transparent manner and to recognize our responsibility by making all our employees and suppliers aware of the problems and the risks and by working together to find a sustainable solution.

The Nemetschek Group and Graphisoft Scandinavia AS are strongly committed to ensuring that our operations and supply chains are free of modern slavery & human trafficking and disregard of human rights and acknowledge their responsibility to the Norwegian Transparency Act and will ensure transparency within the group and with suppliers of goods and services.

The Nemetschek Group and Graphisoft Scandinavia AS have already been able to implement some measures on the topics of CSR & human rights. However, the entire complex of topics is to be successively expanded over the next few years on a risk-based basis. For this reason, we have taken the following measures or would like to take them in the future.

The Nemetschek Group and Graphisoft Scandinavia AS have achieved or will achieve these aims by the group-wide initiative to identify and mitigate risks in the following ways (but not limited to):

  1. By having finalized a group-wide Compliance Risk Analysis (CRA), also with regard to human rights aspects and supply chain management processes
  2. By having implemented and communicated a group-wide digital whistleblowing system (also externally available to third parties) and by constantly encouraging the reporting of any concerns and by protecting whistleblowers
  3. By developing the group-wide Compliance Management System (CMS) also with a noticeable focus to CSR, human rights and sustainability aspects
  4. By integrating the group-wide “Supplier Code of Conduct (SCoC)” in important supplier contracts on a risk-based basis
  5. By implementing a risk-based Business Partner Due Diligence Process (Integrity Checks) also with regard to CSR & human rights aspects by including and considering the Global Slavery Index in the selection of business partners
  6. By expanding the field of contract compliance and using risk-based compliance & human rights clauses in supplier contracts
  7. By conducting group-wide awareness measures such as clear and sustainable communication
  8. By integrating and providing customized trainings for all employees
  9. By constantly reviewing our supply chain processes, contracts and contractors
  10. By constantly reviewing and assessing our internal practices – checking all employees are paid at least the minimum wage and have the right to work
  11. By having Zero Tolerance to modern slavery & human trafficking & disregard of human rights

The Nemetschek Group and Graphisoft Scandinavia AS encourage all employees and suppliers to report behavior that may violate the group-wide “Code of Conduct (CoC)” or the “Supplier Code of Conduct (SCoC)”. Therefore, the Nemetschek Group has implemented a group-wide digital whistleblowing system, in which reports can also be submitted anonymously at any time. The system is also accessible to third parties.

Visit the website to learn more about the CoC:

No significant compliance violations were reported or identified during the reporting period. There were thus no cases of legal action. The Nemetschek Group will ensure a high level of understanding of the risks of modern slavery & human trafficking & disregard of human rights with its own business and its supply chains by providing training to the relevant members of staff as well as briefing all directors on the subject.

In order to live up to a holistic responsibility, the Nemetschek Group and Graphisoft Scandinavia AS have created a dedicated “Supplier Code of Conduct (SCoC)” and made it available on the company website in German and English. This document can be used group-wide on a risk-based basis, e.g., by making it  integral part of important supplier contracts. Furthermore, the Nemetschek Group and Graphisoft Scandinavia AS expect all suppliers and business partners to accept and live the defined values in daily business.

Visit our website to learn more about our SCoC:

The Nemetschek Group and Graphisoft Scandinavia AS will not knowingly support and/or do business with any suppliers who are involved in modern slavery and/or human trafficking. In case of any non-compliance the Nemetschek Group and Graphisoft Scandinavia AS reserve the right to take appropriate measures, including the termination of business relationships.

Specific Statement of Graphisoft Scandinavia AS

Graphisoft Scandinavia AS surveys its suppliers and business relationships and makes ongoing assessments related to risks relating to basic human rights, decent working conditions, sustainability and the environment. When working with our due diligence assessments, we – inter alia – look to the Norwegian Directorate for Administration and Financial Management's high-risk list, prepared guidelines and industry-specific guidance from the OECD, and other objective sources such as Transparency International.

Based on our due diligence assessments, the business basically involves a limited risk of negative consequences for basic human rights and decent working conditions.

Approval of the Statement

This statement will be reviewed on a yearly basis by the Nemtschek Group and Graphisoft Scandinavia AS. This statement has been examined and approved by the board of Directors of Graphisoft Scandinavia AS on June 30, 2023.


Huw Roberts
Chair BoD

Graphisoft Scandinavia AS

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